Business Executives

In your company leadership role, you have goals to meet and high-level responsibilities. Successful leaders know which tasks to delegate to the appropriate individuals in their organizations. You simply don’t have time to personally handle each detail or get bogged down in the minutiae. Your personal financial life can benefit from the same approach.

We understand how important it is for you to leverage your time by delegating important tasks to experts, freeing you up to drive results in the rest of your life. Through 20+ years of working with successful individuals like yourself, we have developed specialized resources in both qualified and non-qualified plans. With this expertise, we can help you take advantage of all of the benefits your plan offers. We can also implement strategies to help you diversify a concentrated stock position.

By taking a holistic approach to all of your wealth generation vehicles, documenting and tracking for you on a regular basis, and designing a long-term financial plan around all of your resources, we provide you the peace of mind that you are on track to meet your financial goals. We have had rewarding success working with corporate executives and look forward to working with you.

Business Executives Case Study >

The Situation:
A 55-year-old business executive was referred to us in October 2006.  After burning out from the stress of his job, he resigned his position of 24 years.  He was not able to retire for another 6 years unless he accepted a much lower standard of living.  The client was willing to work to provide 75% of needed income before retirement.  The remaining 25% would need to come from the portfolio.  We accessed his retirement assets through substantially equal periodic payments to avoid the 10% early withdrawal tax penalty.


Our Solution:
We determined his risk tolerance was moderately aggressive and invested accordingly within Small Cap  stocks, Mid Cap stocks, Large Cap  stocks, International, Commodity, and Emerging Market funds.


Fast Forward:
After 3 months our client determined he needed an additional $30,000.  We immediately  informed him the Investment Policy Statement created after this withdrawal, would not achieve his retirement goal in 6 years.  He agreed to increase the aggressiveness of his portfolio and even though he ended up taking an additional $60,000, even with the stock market drop in 2008,  our client was able to retire in 2013. He remains so today.