Clients in Life Transitions

Whether it's a difficult health diagnosis or a divorce, these times demand decisions and provisions that best serve you.

This is an excellent time to identify your support team of family, friends and faith community. Add to your team key experts in health, rehabilitation and finance. Optimally, your team is 100% committed to your best interests and needs. With no financial products to sell we are well positioned to advocate solely for your needs.

In all cases, especially during today’s uncertain economic times and volatile markets, you may be asking yourself:

  1. How can I best organize my finances?
  2. How should I position my investments to have reliable income and stay ahead of inflation for myself or for loved ones, now and in the future?
  3. How can I balance goals to support loved ones, philanthropic interests, and make sure my family doesn’t run out of money?
  4. How can I control estate taxes and provide for my family?
  5. What are the best ways to fund a child’s or grandchild’s education?
  6. How can I protect my personal assets against liability?
  7. Who can I trust for guidance to gain control of my financial affairs?

Let us help you take charge with a comprehensive plan that focuses on your needs and empowers you to make more informed, effective decisions, focusing on your goals for a “life well lived."

Single Women

Whether you have recently found yourself in charge of finances or have been managing your affairs for some time, there are often unique challenges that women face. Are your financial affairs organized to give you confidence, freedom and independence? 

We can help you take charge with a comprehensive plan that focuses on you. In return, you can gain time to focus on your career, enjoy more free time or discover what comes next with confidence.

Adult Children of Aging Parents

Seven in 10 adults say they have difficulty talking to their families about who will make financial decisions for an aging family member who loses the ability to safely handle their money. (Forbes)

Whether it be secrecy, fear, beliefs about money or shame, aging and money are two challenging subjects to talk about openly.

Overcoming the discomfort and procrastination can result in lifted burdens, problems averted and significant time and money saved.


Widows and Senior Couples

Managing the loss of a life partner is a journey. There may be dozens of decisions to make for the near and long term. Having a trusted partner and team in this challenging time can make the difference.

For senior couples, one expression of love can be preparing the other for success should any crisis arise in the future.

In both cases, making sure that you have another trusted set of eyes and ears to help avoid scams and otherwise unneeded products and services can save many dollars and many headaches.