Estate & Retirement Planning

If needed, our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners can develop a comprehensive financial plan focusing on ways to grow your wealth, transfer unacceptable risk, structure your estate, and reduce taxes. We direct you to a network of trusted professionals for implementation if you don't already have relationships established.

Biechele Royce Advisors works directly with your current accounting, legal, insurance, and banking professionals to help ensure you achieve all of your goals and dreams in any or all of the areas above. Of course, we can provide you with a number of quality recommendations if you are not currently working with one or more of these professionals or are unhappy with your current relationship. Our goal is to maximize the probability of achieving your investing goals through close coordination with the rest of your financial team. We want to make investing for your future as easy as possible.

Beyond Managing Money

We get paid only for managing your money, but our role isn't confined to just money management. Annual reviews are done in the context of overall financial planning. We reevaluate all of your financial needs during a comprehensive review designed to maximize the chances of achieving a financially secure retirement.

For some clients this planning role includes reviewing and making recommendations about insurance coverage and estate planning as well as updating the investment policy statement.

For pre-retirees, the review may involve setting appropriate goals for saving as well as investing. The kind of monthly savings targets that you set during your working years will dramatically affect your standard of living and financial freedom in retirement.

Retirement Planning   

Planning for a client's retirement needs at the comfort level desired; keeping the flow of funds constant throughout the retirement years

Trust Services   

Prudent planning of trusts can protect assets and properly direct them to the intended recipient 

Tax Planning   

How to best mitigate the tax bite 

Risk Management   

Over-insured or under-insured? Planning the best use of this tool to avoid life's financial surprises is crucial to the successful execution of a solid financial plan 

Business Services   

Succession planning; strategic financing; advising a person stepping out into the world as an independent business owner or partner 

Credit Management   

Managing credit effectively, whether credit cards, credit lines, or loans

Debt Management   

Consolidation loan or 2nd mortgage, structuring debt to lessen its impact on your financial plan 

Personal Financial Services   

Whether a coordinated personal financial plan or addressing a personal financial concern, planning is a key element to your financial success