Q. What can I expect as a client of Biechele Royce Advisors?   

Our firm provides you with advice and expertise in virtually all aspects of your wealth management. We will partner with you offering guidance through difficult financial decisions and managing the day to day affairs of your portfolio to help grow and preserve your family’s accumulated wealth. We meet and communicate frequently. You can expect us to be creative, proactive, independent, objective, and technically skilled.

Q. Do you work with my other advisors?   

We routinely work in collaboration with your Attorney and CPA. If you are not working with an accountant or attorney we can refer you to one. If you have insurance agents with whom you are comfortable, we will work with them to evaluate your existing programs and offer an objective second opinion. If you need an insurance professional, we work with an experienced, objective individual who will put your best interests first.

Q. Who is your firm’s typical client?   

Since every situation is unique, we really have no typical clients. Once they become familiar with our philosophy and methods, most clients are concerned with understanding why things are done more than how they are done. All are interested in the objectivity and soundness of our recommendations. Many appreciate timely and routine communication that helps them tune out the constant barrage of financial media ‘noise’. Many of our clients are professionals, retirees or near retirees, executives and business owners. The only truly typical thing about our clients is the relationship we have with them.

Q. How do you determine who to accept as new clients?   

We are committed to maintaining a high level of individual and personal attention to all our clients. Therefore, we offer an open ended interview process that allows each party to explore the potential to work well together. Since we do not charge fees for initial consultations, this allows for an informal exchange of information and specific feedback regarding prospective client concerns and issues. This is usually accomplished in one meeting. If both parties are confident to move ahead, a second meeting will be scheduled that will typically lead to a formal service agreement.

Q. What are your fees?   

The annualized fees for Investment Supervisory Services are charged as a percentage of assets under management, and may be tax deductible.

Note: Financial Planning services are at no extra charge and included in the asset management fees.

Although Biechele Royce Advisors, Inc. has established the aforementioned fee schedule(s), we retain the discretion to negotiate alternative fees on a client-by-client basis. Client facts, circumstances and needs are considered in determining the fee schedule. These include the complexity of the client situation, assets to be placed under management, anticipated future additional assets, related accounts, portfolio style, account composition, reports among other factors. The specific annual fee schedule is identified in the contract between the adviser and each client.

Q. How Do You Prevent Conflict of Interest?   

Because we are an independent fee-only firm, our fees are clear and transparent to our clients.

Trust is the single most important aspect of our relationship.  We believe using an independent, fee-only advisor greatly increases your chances of finding an advisor who puts your best interests first.

As an independent, fee-only advisor, our legal mandate is simple: find you the best financial products and services at the lowest price.

We believe we will earn your trust by providing prudent advice, timely communication, responsive service, and superior risk management Fee-based advisors working with large financial companies also sell proprietary financial products, which limits your range of choice and calls into question their motives.

High quality investment and planning advice is our life-blood.  We don’t tie up your money with surrender charges or penalties, which means we better be good or we lose your business.

The importance of our relationship with you is never taken for granted as we strive to build a long-term partnership based upon:

  • Trust
  • Performance
  • Constant feedback.

Q. How Do We Get Started?   

We begin by having an initial no-obligation meeting.  We learn about your goals and needs, and you gain a better understanding of the scope of our services.  Should you choose to move forward, we implement these STEPS to FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE