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As fiduciaries, it is our job to minimize transaction costs and taxes. We prefer individual securities to mutual funds whenever possible. Avoiding mutual funds allows us to bypass their high operating expenses and tax inefficiencies. The average stock mutual fund expense ratio is 1.39% per year while turning over 111% of its portfolio annually. High fees and burdensome short-term capital gains taxes destroy wealth instead of creating it. Ultimately, however, the decision whether to use mutual funds or individual securities rests with you.

Our CPA Firm Partners:

KLP Advisors, LLC
At KLP, offering personalized service and building solid relationships is at the heart of what we do.                              
Locations: Indianapolis, IN       

Barnes Dennig Financial Services LLC  
Barnes Dennig is the second largest locally owned certified public accounting and consulting firm serving Cincinnati, Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Barnes Dennig provides accounting, tax, audit, consulting, and advisory services to businesses and individuals, conducting business in the United States and internationally.
Locations: Cincinnati, OH | Crestview Hills, KY  | Indianapolis, IN



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Our job is to:

  • Build diversified portfolios to achieve an expected rate of return
  • Minimize transaction costs and taxes
  • Use no-load, low cost, low turnover mutual funds when individual securities are not appropriate