Physicians & Professionals

Your patients, your practice, your business, your taxation, and your investments. Medical professionals have a lot to manage, but your wealth strategy is at the center of it all. Our process is systematic and simple so that we can bring order to your wealth and, little by little, everything else.

We help medical professionals find ways to:

  1. Reduce taxes with improved investment planning
  2. Spend less time managing your wealth and more time managing your practice
  3. Coordinate all your financial professionals, from accounting to insurance

Whatever your path, we can help manage every aspect of your personal financial life. We get to know you on a personal level by asking tough questions and drilling down into the specifics of your needs and goals. We examine your financial situation from every angle — we look at the current financial state, identify future potential risks, and develop detailed financial plans that help meet your needs and goals. Our in-depth exploration not only fosters peace of mind, it can help position you for enduring financial success.

Physicians & Professionals Case Study:

The Situation:
A 39-year-old doctor and single mother of twins age 6 contacted us in 2003 to assist in achieving her retirement goals. She brought with her the following: 5 whole life insurance policies costing $2564/yr., a $130,000 CD, $141,000 IRA variable annuity, and $202,000 in a 401K plan invested in a guaranteed fund.  She wanted to retire at age 60.  With the twins' education provided for by relatives,  her only  other concern was about long term care for herself in the future.


Our Solution:
We determined her risk tolerance was conservative and explained retirement at age 60 was improbable.  We suggested increasing her risk tolerance or reducing her retirement standard of living.  She preferred increasing her risk tolerance to more balanced and invested accordingly within equities and fixed income investments.  We opened a self-directed brokerage account within her 401k to improve choices.  It was in her best interests to reduce the amount of policies and change the protection to coverage more suitable to her needs.  We moved the IRA variable annuity to a brokerage IRA reducing her costs and improving the potential returns.  She also wanted to transfer the risk of long term care.  Even though she was younger, we found a ten-pay plan that would lock in the cost so no future premium increases would occur after her payments.  Also, we worked with her attorney to create a proper estate plan.


Fast Forward:
Our client is well on her way to retiring in nine years at age 60.  Her insurance expenses have been reduced and are more suitable.  Her investments have performed according to targets and are less expensive and more customized.